Enable Health Society is a registered Indian NGO working to reduce the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, through building linkages with the government, greater involvement of people living with HIV and strengthening the capacity of public, private & community-based networks in providing quality care & support services to PLHA.

Our work in HIV and AIDS has gained a prominence over a period of eight years through capacity building efforts in different parts of the country.

How we work

Enable Health Society works in partnership with different stakeholders throughout the country building the individual and institutional capacity, thus ensuring long lasting and sustainable efforts to enable better quality healthy lives. Based on our unique skills and approaches, we develop training resources and adapt those resources to local languages and cultures.

Where we work

We are currently working in nine states across the country. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Manipur and Nagaland  are  the states where the burden of India’s HIV epidemic is the greatest. The three states - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are the low prevalence states. We are committed to working  in the places where needs are greatest, and where we can make a  difference  through our capacity building efforts.