A lot changed after I attended the ART Adherence to Treatment training conducted by Enable Health Society (EHS). I faced all the difficulties of being affected and infected by HIV; lack of proper information was one of the greatest difficulty and challenge. EHS training helped me gain information and knowledge that helped me provide better information on HIV/AIDS and on ART treatment to my peers. Even prior to this training I was in the field, but then I couldn’t give the best to my community. Today, I am seen as a change maker in my community. I am using all my learnings in my own life and also I am helping others with the same.

The knowledge and information gained through EHS’s trainings, first helps me to give the best counselling to PLHIVs on ART, opportunistic infections and the second line drugs. Secondly the training also made me address my own issues regarding treatment adherence and has helped me live a better quality of life. Being a role model meant that I should practice what I preach. I think that Treatment Education for PLHIV (Peer People) is the most important aspect of Enable Health Society’s training.