Our Team

Enable Health Society works in India and is supported by a team of technical specialists and program staff from the fields of HIV, human capacity development, public health, and social work who are skilled at project design and management; designing and developing curricula, BCC materials, capacity building and designing and implementing sustainable training and quality improvement approaches. Our team is capable of implementing short term and long term projects within a stipulated time frame, drawing on established strong relationships with proposed local partners and existing global and local agency expertise, technical resources and materials to do so.


Our Work

Sustaining healthy behaviors in communities requires a concentrated capacity building to improve performance of health providers, community representatives and peer educators. The focus is on increasing the knowledge, skills and technology to implement and sustain science-based, culturally appropriate prevention interventions and strategies.

Safe Drinking Water and Health

  • Providing affordable, accessible, pure water for the communities to prevent water borne illness.
  • Community awareness on benefits of drinking water
  • Creating social entrepreneurs
  • Promoting local advocates or change makers in raising awareness in the last mile communities about health outcomes of safe drinking water.
  • Continual dialogue with rural and urban communities to adopt healthy behavior in drinking, storing and using water.

Capacity Building for HIV and AIDS

  • Strengthen the capacity of district networks for people living with HIV through counseling, peer education, outreach, health referrals, and linkages.
  • Treatment education for people living with HIV to achieve 95% antiretroviral treatment adherence
  • Influence behavior of people living with HIV to adopt positive and healthy lifestyle.
  • Health Care Providers training to improve treatment services in sexual and reproductive health.
  • Advocate for a stigma free health care setting as an able environment to seek care.
  • Home Based Care training for Non Profit Organizations to involve the family and community in care of HIV positive person.
  • Engaging HIV positive men as role models in HIV prevention and care
  • Sexual and reproductive health for young adults and people living with HIV.

How We Work

Engagement of the Community and Panchayat- EHS strongly emphasizes on bringing together the rural community, including the panchayats, in setting up the plant and strive to ensure availability and access to safe drinking water. The project is operated in partnership with a local entrepreneur or the local Panchayat/ Community Based Organization; thereby creating sustainable livelihood opportunities within the chosen community. Local community members are selected and trained as entrepreneurs and/or operators to manage the water purification unit. Community is also at the forefront during the awareness and launch events, being local experts to spread the messages on importance of safe drinking water.
We are committed to ensure that community based solution is functioning effectively and water is available.
A sustainable change can only occur through an oNon Profit Organizationing community led awareness building on safe water, health and hygiene through education, focusing on benefits it would bring in terms of improved health outcomes. Appropriate Information on Education and Communication materials would be provided to generate and raise awareness on water-health risk association explaining the health hazards associated with drinking contaminated water and how safe drinking water being available through state of art purification technology system is beneficial in enabling healthy lives thus outweighing the risk of drinking water of unreliable quality and purity.
EHS will manage the partner and stakeholders to ensure the agreed outputs are achieved within the mutually agreed timelines and the quality is maintained.
Project monitoring will be carried out through field visits by EHS and its partner team members, quarterly reports and annual participative assessments. The monitoring will emphasize review of performance and course correction if required. The lessons would be documented and disseminated periodically.

Our Partners

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