Safe Drinking Water Projects

EHS has partnered with Piramal Sarvajal to provide safe drinking water in schools, villages and public places.

Safe Drinking Water EHS

EHS has partnered with Piramal Sarvajal to provide safe drinking water in schools, villages and public places.

Our Approach

Leveraging Behaviour Change Communication

With a focus on increasing the water offtake at multiple locations where EHS operates, the team has designed various BCC tools developed over a period of time basis the understand the user behaviour over the years. These tools have been deployed at our locations by our Community Awareness and Local Marketing (CALM) team to successfully influence water behaviours thereby not only increasing the water off-take as also improved health and hygiene behaviours of our communities.

Community Participation:

Community-based partnership approach equitably involves community members, organizational representatives, govt. representatives, and others in every aspect of the project, with all partners contributing and sharing in the decision-making and ownership of the facilities.

This approach has been implemented across various projects and has successfully demonstrated in both improving impact and long-term sustainability of the project while making it an integral part of community life.


Our Organization has been present for over 15 years impacting health behaviours of our communities.

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Our Solutions


Adopt a School

Nestle adopted the school drinking water solution for 11 schools in Samalkha, Haryana EHS along with its technology partner PiramalSarvajal provides safe drinking water solution at Government schools from which Children and staff of the school are provided free and safe drinking water and EHS also provides water and health awareness to children in schools.


Adopt a Village

EHS along with Piramal Sarvajal provides decentralized safe drinking water solutions in Nava Diva village, Gujarat. It provides acommunity water solution at a central location in the village from which residents purchase purified water in jerry cans/ bubble tops to be carried home and generate local employment opportunities by employing people as machine operators. EHS builds the community awareness to ensure knowledge of community to safe drinking water which is essential for preventing water borne illness.


Empowering Communities

Mrs. Kavitha (32), Nallur Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu is a very active member in her community. In her village, almost 90% people are daily wages who cannot afford to buy bottled water for ₹30/20liters. Hence, they did not access to safe drinking water. This would upset Kavitha as she was also an organiser & in charge of NREGA scheme in her village. She wished poor people could also drinking pure water at affordable cost. So, when Jal Jeevan Kendra was installed in her village for serving safe drinking water at Rs 4/20litres round the clock, she volunteered to join Village Water Committee. Leading with passion right from the start, she campaigned to create awareness about drinking safe water among people. Being able to motivate people to adopt healthier habits, she and her enthusiastic VWC members would walk to nearby villages for conducting water testing drive. She would carry RO water to draw comparison and explain benefits of Jal Jeevan Kendra in their village. In her words,” I feel delighted to know we have good water at a cost that all can afford. This gives me the confidence to encourage more people to take water and stay healthy”

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